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What really happened to the Ross Sisters
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Behind the book

You've seen the viral Youtube video. It shows the three Ross Sisters--Betsy, Vicki and Dixie--as they sing and dance to the odd song "Solid Potato Salad" in the 1944 film Broadway Rhythm. 

But who were the Ross Sisters and what happened to them? The Contortionists answers those questions and more as it explores the American Dream in all its glory and failings. 

The book is being written with the assistance of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop's Book Project. See more about author Joe O'Connell at

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Dixie Ross practiced for the Ross Sisters command performance before the king and queen of England.


Betsy and her husband Robert "Bunny" Hightower perform on the Ed Sullivan Show.


Vicki in Australia. (Photo by Jacques Léonard)

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